Liquor Dispensing Services

BeerWorx offers liquor dispensing services for clients needing qualified and experienced personnel to deal with the technical aspects of liquor dispensing systems, such as maintenance, installation, and sales of parts for their establishment’s liquor dispensing systems.

Monthly Maintenance

Beer Worx offers monthly maintenance service to its clients. All maintenance is performed by qualified technicians that can clean and maintain the following:

  • trunk lines draught systems and taps
  • cooling rooms, glycol pump and motors
  • beer gas systems


The flooded trunk draft lines are completely surrounded with coolant, creating 100% conduction around the draft lines, to quickly understand how flooded trunks are more efficient than bundle trunks.

Beer Worx offers installation of 100% foam-free flooded trunk beer lines and custom built towers. Cold beer right up to the tap guaranteed!

  • Flooded Trunk Beer Lines
  • Draught beer monitoring equipment
  • Liquor Guns & Liquor Monitoring
  • Wine On Tap Systems

All of our beer  towers have shank cooling blocks completely surrounding the beer shanks to facilitate maximum faucet cooling.

Home Bars

Beer Worx can modify existing fridges, as well as provide commercial grade kegorators, bronco pumps, 1-3 tap party coolers, home draught systems, keg fridges, small trunk lines and keg taps.

Parts Sales

If you need any parts, for either commercial or residential liquor dispensing systems and bars, contact us and we are more than happy to provide you with the parts you require. We stock a wide variety of draft dispensing parts for DIY installations.

  • Small keg and tap fridges
  • Big keg and tap fridges
  • Glycol chillers
  • Pro con pumps and motors

We can custom laser cut your logo into a draft beer tower and install colour LED backlighting for your logo. Giving your establishment  a one of a kind tower. Not something you get from a catalog.


Need assistance? Whether it is for commercial or residential applications, you can rely on our extensive knowledge through our consulting services. If you are interested in installing your own residential draft system, we can help you with your design.


Beer Worx rents a variety of liquor dispensing systems. Please inquire for more information on available rentals.

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